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The Principal/Chairman,

……………… School,


Subject :- Competition for Schools in forthcoming Hanuman Yagya




On Shri Hanuman Jayanti 2017, the 11th of April, Hridaydeep Charitable Trust had set an aim of 11 crore chantings of Hanuman Chalisa for ‘World Peace’ by 31st March, 2018. This programme, the first of its kind, with an online platform and mobile app, was launched by Honorable Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Sh. N.N.Vohra at Rajbhawan Jammu.  It is my proud privilege to share this to the participating devotees all over the world that we are likely to achieve the target much before 31st March 2018; however formal culmination of the event at Jammu will take place as scheduled; i.e. 31st March to 7th April 2018.


As head of the Prestigious Hridaydeep Charitable Trust, I humbly request your organization to join this biggest ever spiritual event going to happen in our state.


Shri Hanuman ji is the most successful legend. We can learn from him to be successful by strong determination. He is also known as ‘Gyaninam Agraganyam’, the most intellectual person and his prayers start with ‘Vidyawan Guni Atichatur’. We need to follow him to sharpen our memories with concentration like him. By connecting themselves with Lord Hanuman, students will become more focused in their life and shall be able to concentrate properly in their studies.


In order to connect students with teachings of Lord Hanuman, Hridaydeep Charitable trust is organizing some special events in concluding week (31st March 2018 – 7th April 2018) of our Hanuman Yagya event. We shall be organizing Singing competition,Painting competition, Rangoli competition and Group Dance competition. The theme for painting competition will be revealed to the students just before the competition and the theme for dance competition will be Hanuman Chalisa with prescribed timings. Top performers in dance sector will be announced on daily basis. The Winners will be awarded with trophies and cash prize and rest of the schools will get Trophy and participation certificates. On the final day, the competition will be between the 1st prize winners of every day. Details of the competition are attached herewith.


Please find the attached:

  1. Detailed brochure of the Hanuman Yagya.
  2. Rules of the competition

Note- Participants have to submit their enrollment forms by 10th of December, 2017. Only schools of Jammu region are eligible for participation.


Contact: Mrs. Neelam Bhardwaj (Ph.:7006614783), Trived Event Management  (9086840002, 9086600247, 908600248,908600246} and Mr. Amit Kumar (Ph.:9796211267) will be the Programme Coordinators for participating students and schools.


I look forward towards an enthusiastic and spirited participation from your institution.


With all best wishes,

Swami Hridyanand Giri


Rules for the competition in Hanuman Yagya

  1. Singing Competition 31st March 2018

1st Winner Rs.10000.00 cash + Trophy.

2nd Winner Rs.5000.00 cash + Trophy.

3rd Winner Rs.2000.00 cash + Trophy.


2.Drawing competition -Maximum 100 participant schools(one participant per school)

Tuesday 3rd April 2018 at 10AM.

Duration for coloring -15 minutes.

Sketch and colors will be provided at site.

Refreshment will be given on venue.

Please reach before 9.30AM.

Participating card should be displayed by participant.

Cash prize for the

Top winner is Rs.5000.00 + Trophy

1st Runnerup Rs.3100.00

2nd Runnerup Rs.2100.00


  1. Rangoli Competition – Maximum 50 participant schools (one entry per school) (1to 5 students)

Thursday 5th April at 10AM

Duration for completion – 30 minutes.

Refreshment will be given on venue.

Please reach before 9.30AM.

Participating card should be displayed by participant.

Cash prize for the

Top winner is Rs.5000.00 + Trophy

1st Runnerup Rs.3100.00

2nd Runnerup Rs.2100.00


  1. Group Dance Competition – Maximum 50 participant schools (one entry per school)

1St April to 6th April at 9PM.

Duration of Competition – 5to 7 minutes.

Group size should not be less than 20 and bigger than 30 children.

Green room facility will be available.

Stage size is 50(L) x 40(B) x15(H) feet

Professional Sound and light system is provided.

Live coverage of event on satellite Channels.

10 schools will participate daily and one winner will be declared.

Once you have enrolled for the dance competition, you have to go through audition before 15th of January, 2018. After your successful audition you will be provided with competition date.

Winner have to participate in Final but the same item should not be repeated.

Daily Cash prize for the Top winner is Rs.11000.00 + Trophy

From 5 daily winners 1st, 2nd and third Winners will be announced.

Prizes for Final winners are as:-

1st Winner Rs.51000.00 cash + Trophy.

2nd Winner Rs.31000.00 cash + Trophy.

3rd Winner Rs.21000.00 cash + Trophy.

4th and 5th Winner consolation Rs.5000.00 cash each + Trophy.


Please Note:

  1. The decision of the judges will be final and can’t be challenged.
  2. All cheques will be in the name of school and no cash will be given.
  3. Organizers are free to cancel any entry.
  4. Any delay in arrival at venue will not be entertained.
  5. Due to any unforeseen reason [strike, curfew etc.] if event is cancelled we are not liable for any loss.
  6. If you need any special arrangement intimate in advance.
  7. Every participant should be school student and not any professional.
  8. Please keep students enrolment card of school at time of competition for verification.
  9. No Entry fee for drawing and Rangoli competition
  10. Entry fee for competitions is Rs.500.00 only
  11. We hope to listen from you soon.

Contact person 1. Mrs. Neelam Bhardwaj (7006614783,8492971543)

  1.   Trived Event Management  (9086840002, 9086600247, 908600248,908600246}

3.. Mr. Amit Kumar (9796211267)