3. Demigods (Yakshas) and Maruti

3. Demigods (Yakshas) and Maruti

The Yakshas are described as brave and invisible. In the
Valmiki Ramayan, Hanumant is addressed as the ‘invisible one’. Mahavir
(The great valiant) is one of the well known names of Hanuman. It
indicates the relationship between Hanuman and the worship of Yaksha.
Hanumant finds a mention in the list of the fifty-two valiants, as
Kapilumbir. At many places in Maharashtra, in the Hindu lunar month of
Phalgun, processions of ‘valiants’ are on their way to worship

4. Ganapati and Maruti

Both are red in colour. Both possess ashtamahasiddhi (The
eight great supernatural powers).

Article by Hanuman Yagya

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