2.2 Differences

2.2 Differences

1. Shani is the son of the Sun Deity (fire element), whereas Hanuman
is the son of the Wind Deity (air element).

2. There is discord between Shani and the Sun, whereas Hanuman is a
devotee of the Sun. Hanuman has acquired all His knowledge from the
Sun. The Sun has also imparted a hundredth fraction of its radiance to
Hanuman. Due to discord between Shani and the Sun, the Sun helped
Hanuman, who is considered to be Shani’s enemy. At that time, the air
element and energy had not manifested completely in Hanuman.

3. Shani is slow, whereas Hanuman is swift like the eagle.

4. Shani is considered to be an evil planet. Hanuman is certainly not evil.

5. There is a custom of not selling oil on Saturdays, whereas there is
a tradition of offering oil to Hanuman on Saturdays.

Article by Hanuman Yagya

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