हनुमान यज्ञ

निश्र्चय प्रेम प्रतीति ते, बिनय करै सनमान । तेहि के कारज सकल सुभ, सिद्ध करै हनुमान ॥

We have planned to render 11 crore upto next year 2018. This is biggest spiritual event. Lord Hanuman is the most successful person in the universe. He has performed most difficult projects with ease removing all obstacles. If you want to be successful like him here is a chance to be part of this rare event to seek his blessings.

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Hanuman and the power of Yoga

This cosmic Vayu is the true power of Yoga. It gives flexibility of body, boundless vitality, indomitable will power, and concentration of mind. Our highest prana is to reach out and merge into the immortal Prana, which is to dedicate ourselves as Hanuman to Rama. Hanuman grants all yoga siddhis extending to the highest self-realisation.

The cosmic Vayu is inherently a force of intelligence

The cosmic Vayu is inherently a force of intelligence, linking us to the cosmic mind that aligns all minds together in an interconnected network of thought. That is why Hanuman is the most wise and observant, holding the power of buddhi, the discriminating inner intelligence that reveals the highest truth

Hanuman represents the cosmic Vayu manifesting

Hanuman represents the cosmic Vayu manifesting through our individual prana. This occurs when we dedicate our livesto the Divine self or Rama within us, letting go of our attachment to the external world of appearances. Hanuman endows us with the atma-shakti or self-power through which we can realise our higher potential and accomplish what is

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